Baxter Road BBQ Chicken & Quinoa

Marinated chicken grilled over open flames and basted with a spicy sauce of garlic, shallots, bell peppers, and celery. Finished with Citrus Chipotle BBQ and served with Caribbean quinoa, Jamaican black beans, and spinach apple salad.


1 ea Chicken (3 to 4 lbs.), spatchcocked


4 ea Garlic cloves, peeled

3 ea Shallots, peeled

1 ea Green bell pepper, seeded, chopped

1 ea Celery rib, chopped

1 ea Habanero chili, seeded, chopped

3 Tbsp Italian parsley, (flat leaf)

2 tsp Thyme, fresh, stemmed

2 Tbsp Lime juice, fresh

2 Tbsp Soy sauce

2 Tbsp Olive oil

To taste Salt and black pepper, freshly ground

4 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Citrus Chipotle Barbecue Sauce


1. Rinse chicken and dry.

2. Place breast side down on cutting board; start at thigh end and cut alongside of backbone with kitchen shears, turn around; cut along other side to remove backbone, discard.

3. Flip chicken over spreading apart and pressing firmly on breastbone to flatten chicken.

4. Place in a large nonreactive bowl and set aside.

5. Combine marinade ingredients in food processor on high until blended into a smooth paste.

6. Pour mixture over chicken in bowl and marinate 6 to12 hours in refrigerator.

7. Remove chicken from marinade; arrange skin side down on hot grill; cook brushing with reserved marinade, turning every 5 minutes for 20 minutes.

8. Remove from grill to small sheet pan; brush with Barbecue Sauce and place in preheated 400 degrees oven for 5 minutes; check for 165F internal temperature in the thickest part for 15 seconds.

9. Brush with barbecue sauce; return to oven for additional five minutes if needed.

10. When chicken is finished cooking remove to serving platter and serve with Caribbean quinoa, Jamaican black beans and spinach apple salad.