Pan Roasted Pork W/ Citrus Chipotle BBQ & Mango Habanero Salsa

Caribbean marinated pork tenderloin pan roasted with jerk seasoning and glazed with Citrus Chipotle BBQ. Served with island quinoa and Mango Habanero Black Bean Corn Salsa.


4 ea Pork tenderloin, cleaned

4 ea Garlic cloves

1 ea Bay leaf

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Sea salt

4 fl-oz Dry white wine

4 fl-oz Lime juice, fresh

2 Tbsp Grapefruit juice, fresh

2 Tbsp Orange juice, fresh

1 Tbsp Jerk seasoning

2 fl-oz Olive oil

4 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Citrus Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

4 fl-oz Mango Habanero Black Bean Corn Salsa


1. Place cleaned tenderloin in non-reactive pan. In a blender, combine garlic, bay leaf, oregano, salt, wine and juices; process until well blended. Pour over pork and let marinate in refrigerator 4-6 hours.

2. Preheat cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Preheat convection oven to 350F. Remove tenderloin from marinade and reserve. Sprinkle evenly on all sides with jerk seasoning.

3. Place oil in pan and brown pork on all sides. Remove pan from heat and pour reserved marinade over pork and place pan in oven for 20 minutes until the internal temperature is 145F.

4. Remove from pan and cover with warm barbecue sauce, let stand for 5 minutes. Evenly slice tenderloin crosswise into ½" thick slices on serving platter and serve with island quinoa and black beans.