Pastrami Melt Burger

Angus beef patty topped with pastrami, swiss cheese, cabbage, Sweet Baby Ray's Golden BBQ Sauce & Wing Sauce and Ken's Dijon Honey Mustard, on a toasted pretzel bun.


2 each Pretzel buns - toasted

4 oz fresh pickled cabbage (or sauerkraut)

2 each 6 oz Angus Beef Patty

4 oz sliced pastrami, heated

4 slices Swiss cheese

1 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Golden Barbecue Sauce

1.5 fl-oz Ken's Dijon Honey Mustard


1. Grill burgers to desired temperature.

2. Divide 1 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Golden Barbecue & Wing Sauce on bun crowns.

3. Place 1.5 fl-oz Dijon Honey Mustard on bun heel.

4. Place burger on heel of bun and divide pastrami on top of burgers.

5. Melt cheese on pastrami and divide pickled cabbage on cheese.

6. Top & serve immediately.