South Of Tijuana Caesar Salad

Yellow corn tortillas, Chipotle bacon, Ken's Classic Caesar Dressing, and Citrus Chipotle BBQ carnitas topped with tri-colored tortilla strips.


2 ea Yellow corn tortillas, fried

32 fl-oz Romaine lettuce, chopped

1 fl-oz Chipotle bacon, chopped

3 fl-oz Ken's Classic Caesar Dressing

1 fl-oz Guacamole

4 oz Pork carnitas

1 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Citrus Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

2 fl-oz Tri-color tortilla strips

4 ea Jalapeno goat cheese panko crusted croutons


1. Shingle fried corn tortillas on side of bowl.

2. Toss romaine and bacon with Ken's Classic Caesar Dressing and place in bowl against tortillas.

3. Place guacamole on top of salad.

4. Pile pork carnitas, tossed with Sweet Baby Ray's Citrus Chipotle Barbecue, next to guacamole, and sprinkle tortilla strips evenly over salad.

5. Fry goat cheese croutons for 1 minute until golden, drain and place around salad.

6. Fry quail egg in olive oil and place on top of pork carnitas and serve.