Southern Fajita Flatbread

Skirt steak marinated in Citrus Chipotle BBQ Sauce, smoked bacon, hatch green chili, quesadilla-cheddar-jack cheese, topped with pico de gallo and drizzled with Ken'sChipotle Ranch Dressing.


Sprinkle of Flour

1 Flatbread dough, par-baked

2 fl oz Sweet Baby Ray's Citrus Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

4 oz Skirt steak, marinated, grilled, diced

2 oz Smoked Applewood bacon, diced

2 oz Hatch green chili, julienne

2 oz Red onions, julienne

4 oz Quesadilla cheddar-jack cheese, grated

2 tbsp Pico de Gallo

1 fl oz Ken's Chipotle Ranch Dressing


1. Lightly sprinkle wooden peel with flour.

2. Place dough on peel and portion SBR Citrus Chipotle BBQ Sauce on dough evenly leaving 1/4" rim.

3. Evenly distribute steak, bacon green chili, onions, and cheese over flatbread.

4. Slide flatbread into oven at 400 F°, bake 6 minutes rotating until crust is golden brown.

5. Remove flatbread from oven and slide onto cutting board.

6. Sprinkle with pico de gallo and drizzle in a zig-zag pattern with Ken's Chipotle Ranch Dressing.

7. Cut down middle lengthwise and then crosswise every 4" slide onto serving pan.