Sweet Red Chili Chicken Ramen

Warm noodles mixed with Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Red Chili Sauce, tofu, and a steaming serving of broth. Throw in some chicken and grab some chopsticks. It's as simple as that.


8 oz clear chicken broth

2 oz Ramen noodles, cooked and chilled

1 oz tofu, firmly cut into ΒΌ-inch cubes

1 oz Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Red Chili Wing Glaze

1 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tbsp onion, raw and julienned

1 tbsp sliced green onions

3 oz cooked sliced chicken breast

1 tbsp sliced Fresno peppers


Assemble Ramen Bowl in the following order in the noodle bowl.

Warm noodles

Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet Red Chili Sauce

Warm tofu



Sliced onion

Fresno peppers

Shitake mushrooms