Texas Smoked Brisket

10-12 lbs Packer –Trimmed beef brisket


4 fl-oz Sea Salt, course ground

4 fl-oz Pepper, course ground

Mop Sauce 12 fl-oz Sweet Baby Ray's Original Barbecue Sauce

12 fl-oz Lone Star Beer or Shiner Bock


1. Pat brisket dry with paper towels.

2. The top of the brisket muscle, with a fat cap, is called point.

3. The bottom muscle is called flat.

4. Trim the fat cap between 1/8" - 1/4".

5. In mixing bowl, combine salt and pepper.

6. Rub half of mixture onto fat cap (point).

7. Turn brisket over and rub remaining half on bottom (flat) and sides.

8. Mix mop sauce.

9. Place brisket on sheet pan, cover and let stand at room temperature for two hours.

10. Setup Smoker and bring temperature to 225F − 250F and maintain.

11. Place brisket fat cap (point) down in smoker, above drip pan, and add 1-lb wood chunks to hot coals.

12. Every hour, add 1-lb of wood chunks and mop brisket with sauce.

13. After 4-6 hours, when brisket internal temperature is 150F - 170F, remove brisket from smoker.

14. Wrap tightly in tin foil (Texas crutch) and place back in smoker for 2-3 hours.

15. Brisket is done when internal temperature at the thickest point is between 195F - 203F.

16. Hold meat in 165F - 170F oven for 2 hours.

17. To serve slice at 45 degree angle across the grain, beginning at the toe of flat in thin, quarter-inch thick slices.