Pizza Menu Insights

No matter how you slice it, pizza is a can't-miss dish with customers. Check out these insights from the latest Technomic Trend Report to make sure your menu is ready to keep up with the demand.


of consumers eat take and bake pizza at home once a month or more


of menus nationwide feature pizza (so you need to stand out)


of Americans consume pizza once a month

Innovation is Being Driven by Renewed Interest in Regional American Flavors

53%of consumers choose barbecue pizza
honey bbq chicken pizza with SWEETBABY RAY'S HONEY BARBECUE SAUCE
41%of consumers choose garlic Parmesan sauce
PIZZA ROLLS WITH sWEET baby ray's garlic parmesan wing sauce
18%of consumers choose Buffalo sauce
Buffalo chicken flatbread with sweet baby ray's buffalo wing sauce
Unique toppings and bold flavors are starting to emerge as customer favorites
36%of consumers would order Hawaiian pizza
honey hot hawaiian pizza with Sweet baby ray's honey hot wing sauce and glaze
35%of consumers would order cheeseburger pizza
BBQ Bacon cheeseburger flatbread with Sweet baby ray's ORIGINAL BARBECUE SAUCE
28%of consumers are interested in trying pizza with unique toppings compared to two years ago
steel town brisket pizza with Sweet bABY RAY'S ORIGINAL BARBECUE SAUCE